IcyBag is a stylish insulated & chilled cosmetic bag for heat-sensitive health & beauty items. I came up with the idea for the bag after my outside wedding. When I attempted to freshen up my make up, I opened up my cosmetic bag and found a mess of melted lipstick, runny foundation, sticky mascara and hot eye drops (not to mention the emergency energy bar and Tylenol I stashed inside - they had melted as well).

A few years later, and now a stay at home mom with 2 toddlers, I brought my idea to life. I designed a fashionable insulated bag with an inner storage pouch for the custom gel pack.

What inspires me the most is when my customers tell me what they use IcyBag for; adult and child medications, all natural items, sun protection products, daily supplements, snacks, and so on.

I'm am thrilled that IcyBag has been recognized in several print and media outlets including The Today Show, USA Today, Women's Day, and the Toronto Star. IcyBag was also chosen to be a part of the celebrity gift bags for the MTV Video Music Awards. And, I can't begin to describe the feeling I had while presenting IcyBag live on QVC in April 2008!

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Kathy Cohen - Founder, IcyBag, LLC